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Info for Mortgage Lenders

Are you a mortgage broker or loan officer interested in originating green mortgages?

The Green Mortgage Company forms unique partnerships with loan professionals in the United States.

Once you become a partner with the Green Mortgage Company, we provide training specific to originating Energy Efficient Mortgages.

This training includes:

  • Training on all the Government backed Mortgage Programs such as:
    • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Programs
    • VA Energy Efficient Mortgage Program
    • FHA & HUD Energy Efficient Mortgage Programs
    • The EnergyStar Pilot Program
  • Home Energy Audit Training
  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) - Reading & Understanding the Report
  • How to guide the homeowner through the process

After you have successfully completed our on-line training program, you will be eligible to receive mortgage leads from consumers looking for energy efficient mortgages & refinancing. We also continuously provide our partners with industry news, governmental policies and law changes which effect EEM's and continual education as needed as new EEM products and programs become available.

For more information about becoming a Green Mortgage Company Lending partner, please complete the form below and we will contact you with more specific information on the program.